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About YoHoHo.io

For those who love movies and stories about pirates we have a new wonderful online game which is called YoHoHo. Now you can enjoy the most up-to-date version of the game at our website. If you have never played Yohoho before, let me give you a small guide about it to make you better understand the basic rules of the game as well as the gameplay. So, as I have already written above, this game is about pirates who are stuck on the island full of gold. The problem is that all the pirates have swords and as a result they will fight with each other to get all gold and become rich. At the beginning of the game you have to choose your username and skin. Keep in mind that the skins are locked for newbie players - you can unlock them later when you gain enough exp.

In Yohoho there are several rules which you must follow in order to get the best results. At the beginning of the game all players have the same weapons and same level. You must act quickly to get the gold and level-up. When your character level-up, the weapon becomes bigger and as a result you can kill enemies easier. Every 30 second the safe territory on the island becomes smaller - you either move towards the center or just die. In the end of each game, the safe territory becomes so small that players won't be able to hide - the final battle has to begin. Keep in mind that the more players you kill - the more gold you will get and level-up. Another important thing is that your health bar would not regenerate during the match so be careful. Yohoho Io is a very colorful and interesting multiplayer game where you can play a really cute pirate battle royale for free. Enjoy it for free at our website.

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