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Betrayal io

Betrayal io

About Betrayal Io

You have definitely heard about or ever played Among Us game which is extremely popular nowadays. This game featured here is called Betrayal io and in fact is a remake of the among us with even more interesting options, more modes and really great gameplay. Even if you have never played it before you can easily understand the basic rules of the game by reading all the guides below. The game is available in multiplayer mode and this means that you are playing against real people all around the world. Let me tell you about the common rules of Betrayal io and several strategies how to succeed in this game.

There are two teams in this game which play against each other : crewmates and a secret saboteurs. As the actions take us to a spaceship somewhere in other galaxy, there is no way to communicate with earth but something strange is going to happen. The crewmates must fix all problems on the spaceship while the saboteur must damage different systems and do everything to win the battle. The problem is that no one really knows who is crewmate or saboteur - the system selects your team randomly at the beginning of the match. Keep in mind that the saboteur can kill crewmates but he will try to do it secretly : if someone notice him while doing some bad things, he will loose the game. Every time someone finds the clues, like dead body of crewmates, there have to be a voting to find out who is the enemy. Every player can vote for kicking somebody out of the ship. The players can even chat with each other but remember that there is only one saboteur and he will try to make you wrong decision. This social deduction game is very addictive and interesting because it has everything to make your day brigher. Enjoy the full version of Betrayal io for free at our website and share your thoughts about it with us.

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