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Paper io 3

Paper io 3

About Paper Io 3

Paper Io 3 is the third edition of the legendary multiplayer game. Now you can enjoy the latest edition of the game for free at our website. If you have already played the previous versions of the game you might know the rules, but if not I will try to guide you. So this game is about fighting with enemies for territory. The player controls a snake-like creature that moves all the time. All the players have different colors so you can easily notice them on the map. Your main mission is to make a complete circle in order to add new territory to your kingdom. Your current level is calculated in persents of domination - the more it is, the bigger your territory is.

Just like any other multiplayer games, here you play against real players and have to challenge them. The enemy players will try to gain your territory so you must be prepared. Of cource, the neighbours will attack you but you can use your skills to protect the territory - if you hit an enemy in his tail while he attacks your territory, the enemy will die and his territory will disappear. Then you can easily conquer the blank territory and become bigger much faster. Paper Io 3 is really interesting and addictive game while you can enjoy for free at our website.

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