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Narwhale io

Narwhale io

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About Narwhale io

Despite the fact that Narwhale io was created long time ago, in 2016 year, still it is rather popular along players. There are a lot of remakes of this game today with a much better graphics but still a lot of people spend time playing Narwhale.io because it fast the first game of this category and truly deserves to live. The greatest thing about this game is that you don't need any additional software to play it with friends in multiplayer mode - just a browser on your PC.

How To Play Narwhale io

The gameplay is pretty simple but you need a lot of practice to achieve success in this game. Here your character is a small narwhale which has to stab your enemies to slice them and get points. Remember that the only way to kill your enemy is to stab it into body - if you stab into head, nothing will happen. Every time you kill an enemy narwhale, you level up and get some additional skills. You can also notice the leaderboard on the right side of screen - your mission is to climp to N1 on the leaderboard and become the most powerful monster in the whole ocean.

Game Platforms

Did you know that you can play the narwhale io game on all gadgets and platforms including PC, smartphones and tablet pc. If you want to play through your smartphone, you can download the free application and enjoy the game online. You will definitely need an internet connection to join the server and play with hundreds of people all around the world. Playing through browser on PC is also a good idea because the bigger is the size of the screen, the better are your chances to locate enemies and kill them.

Game Controls

There are no special buttons in this game or something like that. The only controls that you need are the direction controls - mouse to set the angle of movement and mouse right click to activate the boost. Boost is your only weapon in this game and you should use it to protect yourself or kill enemies. The time for the boost is limited by several seconds, when you use it it will need some time to reload. Narwhale.io is a pretty addictive and simple online game where you can have a lot of time. Every time you die, you don't need to wait until the match comes to the end - you can respawn immediately. Enjoy the original edition of the Narwhale for free at our website.

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